Betting on Halo

Genre: First person shooter (FPS)
Format: 4v4
Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Halo was first created by Bungie and later on acquired by 343 Industries which is an affiliate of Microsoft Studios. The game, which is played on a console (x-box) is one of the most successful within its genre and since its latest release is now considered an eSport.

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Gameplay of Halo

Halo is played from a first-person shooter perspective and between two teams of four people. The game has been an Xbox exclusive franchise from the beginning and was one of the first to offer a multiplayer via LAN. Nowadays the game is very popular and has moved to other outlets such as books, movies, and merchandise. 

The main storyline behind the game series centers around the fight between two races, humans and aliens. In the latest edition, Halo 5 you can play in a few multiplayer modes. In most cases, there are two teams of four each, which compete with each other on different maps to complete the game objectives and score points. 

Players can control their characters, Spartan supersoldiers, from a first-person perspective and work together to defeat the enemy. They can use different weapons in order to complete the given objectives, while at the same time fighting the opponent team. 

Destroying players from the opposite team is a very important aspect of the game, as it slows down the team progress and can win the game depending on the match objectives. Other objectives can include capturing a flag, planting a bomb in the opponent's base, or territory control. Halo is perfect for those who enjoy dynamic, tactical games. 



How to Bet on Halo?

Halo was first released in 2001, which makes it older than many of the other popular eSports. The game has had many new releases since and has enjoyed huge success. It can be argued that it has set standards in the field of modern eSports and eSports tournaments.

Major League Gaming (MLG) hosts most of the popular Halo tournaments nowadays and has been a key in the game's success. The organization started off with hosting small Halo tournaments from its birth in 2002 and managed to become an industry leader providing six-digit prize pools and National Championships. 

Today Halo might not be as popular as other big names on the market, such as CS:GO, League of Legends and Counter-Strike, but it still enjoys interest from fans. 

Halo 5, which is the latest release of the franchise, has its very own e-League – Halo World Championship, which might increase the popularity of the game in the mainstream eSports world.

Types of Bets for Halo

Below you will find what types if bets you can place on Halo:

Assault: Which of the two teams will successfully plant a bomb in the enemy's base. 

Breakout: Which team will be the first to win five rounds, with no re-generations possible. 

Capture the Flag: Which team will capture the opponent's flag first?

Team Slayer: Which team will score the most kills in the game?

Strongholds: Which team will capture more territories?


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