Betting on Starcraft II

Genre: Real-time strategy (RTS)
Format: 1v1
Publisher: Activision Blizzard

StarCraft II is a continuation of the well-known StarCraft that was released back in 1998 by Blizzard. The first release was one of the main first eSports games, particularly in South Korea. The game itself is a strategy game played in real time, where two players typically fight each other and work to gather resources and train armies. Players can pick one of the following races: Zerg, Terran, and Protoss.


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Gameplay of Starcraft II

StarCraft II demands from its players coordination and the ability to multi-task, as the game moves at a very fast pace. Other eSports games usually include big teams and multiple players, however, StarCraft only allows two players to face each other. The game is played on three or five maps, and the player who wins the majority gets the prize.

At the beginning of each SC II game, both players choose one of three races to play with (Protoss, Terran or Zerg): all of which have a unique appearance, skills, units, advantages and get used to building a base, gather resources, train more units and attack the enemy. The competitors can use different strategies to take out the enemy and win the game.

Most games start with each player getting 12 workers in their base. The main goal of the players is to take down the opponent’s base first, with a carefully though strategy, training of the right units, and resource management.

As every race in the game is unique and holds special powers, it is very important for the players to choose one which they have mastered. The Zerg, for example, can produce more units for a lower cost, however, they do not possess great damage powers. The Protoss, on the other hand, have a big damage output, with a higher production cost. The Terrans are great at defense and possess high mobility. Each and every unit in the game has a special ability, so the players must be very knowledgeable of the race they play with, in order to defeat the opponent.  


How to Bet on Starcraft II?

StarCraft II has caught the attention of eSport bettors for a while now. To turn into a good bettor you must learn the basics of the game, which will require some time and effort.  To begin with, choose the right bookmaker for your needs. You can see more information about the different bookmakers and their reviews in our Betting section.

We have mentioned before that a lot of the professional bettors believe that having all available information on all crucial variables in necessary to win. This, however, has been disproved by some studies, which suggest that if a bettor receives information only on the top 5-7 variables, he will perform better. This is why we have summarized the most important information, which you will need to make a successful bet on StarCraft II below.

Before you start making bets, it is a good idea to watch some StarCraft II games in order to get a better idea of the game, keep updated on the meta-game and player rankings. Once you learn the base of the game, you can start making your bets and using your knowledge.

When making a bet, it is very important to note the match format. Also, the different maps can give certain advantage to a certain race, so be sure to check out the map details prior to placing your bet. If for example there is a game between two players on three different maps, two of which give advantage to the Terran race, the player who uses this race will have higher chance to win, regardless if he is ranked lower than his opponent.

Always check the odds offered by the bookmakers, research the two players playstyle and then always include the map, in your decision. Very often the bookmaker’s odds do not include the map specific advantage, so it is a good idea to search for odds that are higher than they should. This might not be possible with every game possible, however, it is important to put your bets where you have the most chance for return, which will bring the most outcome in the long run.

Just like in other sports, the value in betting is not always guessing the winner, but how often they win and if the bookmaker has the right odds. Practice your knowledge and try to guess the odds of the matches on your own, before checking the ones offered by the bookmakers. This will, in the long run, make you more accurate and maybe even better than the bookmakers.

Types of Bets for Starcraft II

Most of the eSports bookmakers that we have tested offer the chance to bet on the major StarCraft II tournaments, like the StarCraft II World Championship Series or the StarCraft II Corsair Cup. There are different types of bets and the good news for beginners is that you do not need to know every possible outcome to bet on most StarCraft II matches.

Below, you will find the different types of bets you can make on StarCraft II:

Match Winner: Here you will need to guess the result of the match – which player will take down the opponent’s base first and win. Some bookmakers call this type of bet differently, for example, Money Line, Head to Head, or Straight, but the most common label is Match Winner. The odds reflect the recent performance of the players and their skills.

Map Winner: You are betting on the individual map winner.

Correct Map Score: In this type of bet you will need to predict the final score of the match. For example, will it be an easy 3-0 win for your favorite player, or will it be a hard 3-2 battle?

Outright Winner: You are betting on the overall StarCraft 2 tournament winner, not on a specific match.


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