Play with real money

Play with real money

Overall impression

Reputation - 90%
Gameplay - 91%
Bonuses - 89%
Value - 92%

The easy to play Blackjack Classic features five bet-boxes that are appreciated by many players. The game comes in three bet levels: low, normal and high limit.

Game Information
Name: Blackjack
Software: NetEnt
Game Type: Blackjack
Paylines: 1
Progressive: Yes
reels: 3

Where to play?

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84% Rating
Blackjack is the most popular casino card game in the world. Yet many players are unfamiliar with the game’s procedures, protocols, and detailed strategies.Before you can play blackjack, you need to know the basic blackjack rules, table etiquette, understand what makes blackjack different than other casinos games, how the casino has a built-in advantage over players, and what you can do about it. This chapter of the blackjack strategy guide will cover these basics along with a history of the game.


BlackJack playing guide

On our site we have developed an entire BlackJack playing guide, where you can learn a lot about the game. We cover topics like History of Blackjack, Rules of Blackjack, Betting Probabilities in Blackjack, Systems and Strategies for Playing Blackjack, and Interesting Facts about Blackjack.


Play BlackJack for Free

If you would like to play BlackJack for free and just for fun we recommend you enjoy BlackJack™, an exciting new 3-hand and 6 deck blackjack game from NetEnt. The user-friendly interface creates a gaming experience richer than anything seen before.


Blackjack Professional Series is an exciting 3 hand blackjack game from NetEnt featuring a 3D look and feel with state of the art card animations and Double Jack sidebet. Players can choose to play one to three hands against the dealer and can bet up to the maximum hand limit of on each hand. Before initiating the deal players can also choose to place a side bet. The Double Jack sidebet, is played on the first two cards in a blackjack hand, and offers a maximum win of 100 times the bet.
Play with real money