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Casino Ranking Methodology

How do we rate and rank the best online casinos in New Zealand?

Before you start playing, we strongly recommend that you read our tips on how to choose the best online casino and the best online casino bonuses. There are over 100 online casinos on the internet that offer games for New Zealand players and accept bets in Euros. Every day we review all the factors around each casino, then update our list accordingly with new offers, flexibility of banking services, quality of customer service, and more. Our rankings are impartial and are based on a strict ranking methodology.

When we put together the rankings on our pages, key factors that we consider are:


1. Casino Reputation (0-100%)


1.1 The Reputation of the Owners and the Operator

  • What is the reputation of the owners and the company who operate this casino?
  • Are they new comers in the market or established names?
  • Are their terms and conditions easy to understand and transparent?
  • What is their communication like with players? Is it open and direct or are there inconsistencies?


1.2 Licensing and Tax Exemption

There are many countries and territories that offer online casino licenses but their probity requirements and the standards to which they hold operators are vastly different. We score this category based on our knowledge of the various licensing authorities:

  • Does the casino have a gaming license issued by the MGA?
  • Highest ranked: Malta, UK, Isle of Man, Alderney
  • Solid: Isle of Man, Alderney
  • Good: Curacao, Cyprus, Gibraltar


1.3 Payment and Withdrawal Methods

  • Are the most popular methods of payment and withdrawal available?
  • How good is the casino’s withdrawal performance?
  • How long does it takes for players to withdraw their winnings from the casino?
  • Are there unreasonable obstacles for players to withdraw their money like withdrawal limits per day or month? 
  • Are their terms and conditions easy to understand and transparent?
  • What is their communication their clients like?


1.4 Safety and Security

  • Does the casino offer the same protection methods as in a typical New Zealand online banking.
  • Are they overseen by outside parties, so they can not influence the outcomes of their games?
  • Does the casino use SSL protected money transfers?
  • Have there been known complaints or issues with the casino?


 2. Games


 2.1 Games Selection

  • Does the casino offer the most popular casino games?
  • What is the overall number of offered casino games?
  • Does the casino offer the latest game developments on the market?


 2.2 Games Manufacturers

  • Does the casino use the most established game manufacturers on the market like NetEnt or Microgaming?
  • Does the casino use New Zealand game producers designing games specifically for New Zealand players?


 2.3 Ease of Use and Quality of Design

  • What is the overall quality of graphics, play speed, ease of use and gaming experience?


 2.4 Mobile Casino Platform and Games

  • Does the casino offer quality mobile casino games and mobile playing experience?


 3. Bonuses


 3.1 Quality of Offered Casino Bonuses

  • What is the quality and amount of the the Welcome Bonuses offered by the casino?
  • What is the quality of the ongoing bonuses at the casino?
  • Does the casino regularly offer new promotions like prize giveaways, loyalty points, free spins and cash prizes?
  • Is the fine print (terms and conditions for the bonus) reasonable?
  • Are the withdrawal conditions, and penalties related to the bonus fair?


 4. Customer Service


 4.1 Quality, accessibility and speed of customer service

  • Are the most popular means of communication with clients, like voice, email and live chat available?
  • Is customer support available in New Zealand language?





85-100 – Exceptional:

Present excellent bonus value, offers fast withdrawals and great service. Don’t hesitate.


75-84 – Good:

A very safe bet. Make sure you understand why it is not rated in the Exceptional category before you play.


60-74 – Passable:

this casino is probably safe, but read our ‘Alerts' carefully as something will be amiss.


50-59 – Avoid:

Not worth it. Look for a higher score on our site.


0-49 – Blacklisted:

Don’t even consider it for a second.