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Evolution Gaming launches Crazy Time Live

Evolution Gaming which is one of the giants in the gaming industry when it comes to live casino games has just launched its latest project in July 2020 called Crazy Time. This Live Casino game was first shown as Evolution’s headliner at ICE 2020 along with 11 other live casino games and is currently the latest addition to Evolution’s impressive product portfolio.

What sets it apart from other similar projects that the developer carried out are the four action-packed bonus games. Crazy Time follows the money wheel concept which the developer successfully created for Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live but it is packed with a lot more bonuses and multipliers which is the reason for players’ excitement. Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer at Evolution comments: “Crazy Time builds upon our successful money wheel games, including our first ever game show Dream Catcher, which we launched in 2017 and the unique MONOPOLY Live, launched in 2019, where the world’s most famous board game met Live Casino.”

Todd Haushalter says Crazy Time is so much more than just a money wheel game variant: ‘It’s a live game show that packs more fun and entertainment into a casino-style gaming experience than ever seen before.’ Haushalter points out that the initial inspiration for the game came from a famous American game show called ‘The Price is Right’ which explains the resemblance we see between the game and TV shows. The main idea behind the creation was players’ entertainment, no matter if they are Live Casino games fans or slot players, in order to make the audience as wide as possible.

Evolution Gaming had a pre-launch test period of Crazy Time which revealed high interest from players and encouraged the team of developers to invest the largest amount of money ever on a project that they have produced. Todd Haushalter said the game is not only the most expensive one but also: This is some of the best work Evolution has ever done and I honestly believe it is the most fun casino game ever made. It highlights a paradigm shift for Evolution: this game will appeal to audiences far and wide, from slot players to sports bettors and everyone in between. There is truly nothing like it.

The feature of live interaction which resembles a TV game show adds on even more thrilling experience for players as they get to participate and watch how the action unfolds. In order to make Crazy Time even more intriguing, Evolution made sure to integrate the latest available technologies including Random Number Generator (RNG) multipliers, augmented reality, slots-alike, and video-gaming elements.

Haushalter said: “By incorporating elements such as RNG multipliers and augmented reality, we are essentially mimicking TV game shows by giving players something engaging to watch, instead of re-spinning slot reels over and over. The goal was to make a game that is so entertaining that people would enjoy just watching it as they would a game show on television, without even placing a bet.”

All you need to play this new Evolution Gaming masterpiece is some Crazy Time, more precisely 5 minutes to follow these basic steps:

  1. Enter the live casino section and find Crazy time
    The chosen casino will lead you to Evolution Gaming’s studio where you will meet the host who is presenting the game for all players. The betting options will appear at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Choose and place your bets
    You can choose among 8 different bets and you can also play with more than one, even all of them if you wish.
  3. The Wheel Turns
    The host will spin the wheel.
  4. The Multiplier is set
    The wheel is divided into 54 segments and the 8 bets are placed among these segments. There are only a few segments with Crazy Time. Each game a multiplier is set and if the wheel stops at this particular bet, the multiplier is automatically activated.
  5. The Wheel Stops
    If the wheel stops at a numbered segment and you happen to have bet on that number, you win. If the wheel stops at a bonus, the bonus is activated and in case you placed a bet on it, you take advantage and play it. If you missed, you can only observe.
  6. Bonus Game
    If the wheel ends up at a number, every winner is paid right away. If the wheel stops at a bonus, the bonus is played, and then afterward all players are paid.

Crazy Time comes with 4 different special features which are undoubtedly the most action-packed part of this new release by Evolution. There are a total of 9 crazy bonus rounds: 4 segments with the bonus Coin Flip, 2 segments with the bonus Cash Hunt, 2 segments with the bonus Pachinko, and 1 segment with the bonus Crazy Time.

The Coin Flip bonus introduces a red and a blue multiplier to players and gives them the opportunity to choose between the two colors. Then the coin flip is done and players who chose the winning color will have their bet multiplied by the multiplier.

The Cash Hunt bonus triggers a window that reminds us of the shooting gallery at the fair. Symbols go in line from left to right and reverse. Once the lines stop moving, a total of 108 symbols are displayed and players can aim at them with a virtual cannon. Once you select your symbol, the cannon is fired, the symbol is hit and the multiplier is applied to your bet. The maximum multiplier you can obtain is 500x.

The Pachinko bonus is a drop-down game in which a luminous puck is released along a wall with pins and randomly falls into a segment. The puck can fall into boxes that contain either a multiplier or the word ‘double’. In case it falls into the multiplier box, your award is the particular multiplier. If the puck falls into a box with the word ‘double’, the multipliers double and a new puck is released. The ‘double’ feature can significantly increase the multipliers and bring a much bigger award.

The Crazy Time as you may suspect is the most interesting bonus game and it shows a massive wheel of fortune with an impressive number of 66 segments. Each of the boxes hides a special multiplier. The player can choose between three different ‘flippers’ and the multiplier that stops there represents the award. The wheel also has doubles.

Of course, with great efforts come even bigger expectations so it is natural for Evolution Gaming to expect a huge success with this groundbreaking live casino game which was boosted by the warm welcome that the game received at ICE. Todd Haushalter admits Evolution’s team aims not only at attracting a wider diversity of players but also keeping them as potential new players to Live Casino: “Many of those players will go on to enjoy other Live Casino games, such as Roulette, that they may not have experienced had they not been drawn to the excitement of Crazy Time.”

He goes on to compare Crazy Time with its successor MONOPOLY Live which was a big success and managed to create a community of people that would go on to share their excitement and victories through live-streamed videos which created a web of a massive fan base. Haushalter is enthusiastic to see if Crazy Time will do any better considering the fact it has even more bonus games and it is by far the boldest creation of the company.

Even though there is a huge variety of live casino games, Crazy Time is taking this genre of online gambling on another level. The game offers a lot more prizes, combined with high volatility which sets Evolution Gaming for success! The time and effort which are invested in the development of the game are obvious and are solid proof for the hardworking team of Evolution Gaming which is soon going to become an even bigger industry giant due to the upcoming merger with NetEnt Games so we are looking forward to even brighter ideas in the near future!