Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich – Book Review and Overall Impression


For readers looking for a novel that constantly keeps them on the edge of their seats and eager to find out what happens next, this is certainly the book for you.

This book focuses on the life of Kevin Lewis, one of the M.I.T. students who managed to take millions of dollars from Las Vegas casinos with the help of his blackjack team.

We follow him through every decision he makes, from the moment he decides to join the team, to the moment he decides it’s time to walk away. The journey in between is one of the most thrilling experiences that readers have a chance to be a part of.

This book allows readers to connect deeply to the characters, understanding them in ways they’ve never imagined.

For those who aren’t completely convinced that this novel is worth their time, please continue reading this elongated review.



Famous quotes by Ben Mezrich:


“You need to understand something, Kevin. From the moment you walk into the casino to the moment you leave, they’re watching you.”


“Kevin’s world became a schizophrenic blend of grey reality and brightly colored fantasy.”


“Don’t be naive. Nobody wins in Las Vegas. Kevin Lewis knows that better than anyone.”


“The long-running New York Times bestseller that has become a cultural phenomenon, Bringing Down the House is an action-filled caper carried out by the unlikeliest of cons – supersmart geeks.”


“The #1 national bestseller, now a major motion picture, 21—the amazing inside story about a gambling ring of M.I.T. students who beat the system in Vegas—and lived to tell how.”


“Ben Mezrich digs up real-life tales that are almost too incredible to believe, then turns them into bestselling books—and that has transformed the one-time Harvard geek into the bigshot writer he always wanted to be. Now, with the movie version of his breakout, Bringing Down the House, coming to theaters, there are nagging questions about just how far Mezrich stretches the facts in his fantastic yarns.”


“Bringing Down the House is Mezrich’s first work of non-fiction, but he didn’t cast away his skills as a novelist when he sat down to write this book. The third-person narrative tracks the progress of the book’s main character, “Kevin Lewis”, through his time with the fabled MIT Blackjack Team.”



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