Sharp Sports Betting Book by Stanford Wong – Book Review and Overall Impression


Sharp Sports Betting

This book discussed many aspects of betting on spots, and covers a variety of different wagering methods. You’ll need a solid grasp of math to get the best out of it, but it’s definitely a recommended read. It contains a number of sample problems, and the solutions, which helps to put a lot of the strategy into context.

The book begins with the basics, explaining the terminology of sports betting and how to interpret the numbers on the walls and screens in a sports book. Wong follows this with a discussion of money management, some information and advice about betting sports on the Internet, and a discussion of mathematics.

These sections are all very well written, but I was surprised that there wasn't more information on proportional betting in the section on money management. Wong mentions what is commonly referred to as Kelly betting, but instead of providing some details about how one would apply this to advantage sports betting, Wong refers the reader to the blackjack literature.

Overall, the math is presented in a clear style that should be palatable to anyone who doesn't have nightmares of their high school math courses. Wong manages to thread the needle pretty well by presenting powerful techniques in a clear manner that doesn't require an advanced degree to understand.


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