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It is a widespread agreement that no one likes to lose. For most gamblers, boosting their revenues is the most common reason why they continue with this activity. However, things are not always that simple. As gambling industry is spreading its wings, more and more people take up this as a hobby. What they do not know is that they may get easily addicted. Even when you do not manage to win, you might feel high and as a result feed a gambling addiction. The first thing to bear in mind is that people do not gamble solely for the prospect of winning. Despite the fact that “winning big” is the first and foremost reason behind this activity, many people do it in order to escape from the mundane reality they lead. In other words, people are gambling so as to buy entertainment. Although, people should know that it is not only about winning. What people should be aware of is that in the long run they are more likely to lose than win. Thus, the state of mind is of paramount importance. By this we want to encourage players to learn how to behave. A good way to do so is to have lower expectation in terms of the potential win. Believing that you will win a tremendous amount will undoubtedly lead to addiction, which, on the other hand, can lead to great loses. Rutledge said that: “If people lose a bunch and that lowers their expectations, that will increase how happy they are when they finally win”. Of course, it is more that satisfying when you see that you have won the “big prize”. However, players should not allow this thinking to become an obsession. No one will dispute the fact that gambling has entertained the majority of people during the years and will continue to do so. However, before taking up gambling, players should know all the pros and cons of the game they decided to bet on. Understanding the game will mean that they are prepared to either lose or win. Thus, we always encourage our players to familiarize themselves with the rules of the game, have a better understanding of it and finally be conscious. If players know how to behave, they will not have any issues and the only thing they will experience will be elation and positive emotions.


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