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After years of research and development from a team fully loaded with well seasoned developers, more than handful of creative artists and a splattering of visionary entrepreneurs, 2006 saw Rival burst into the already thriving realm of online gaming by using GiGse as its spring board to officially launch itself.

At Rival, not only do we offer more than 160 unique games including desktop and mobile, but it also is the home of the revolutionary and profitable i-Slots™.

The i-Slots™ are story-based slot machines allowing the end-user to progress through a story line while playing a standard slot machine. The story line mimics that of a typical soap opera which is filled with an intricate plot of love, lies and deceit. The reels and graphics change, adjusting as the end-user makes their way through this interactive slot machine. It's fun, it's engaging and it's highly popular.

Since our unveiling at GiGse 2006, we have licensed our games and casino platform to over 52 operators world-wide. More recently, we have redesigned our software to include Live Chat in our lobbies and have added mobile gaming to our portfolio, both of which were showcased at ICE 2014. We use AS3, Adobe Flash, Java Script, php and PHP to produce our games and are currently re-releasing games with a more updated feel.

Along with the plethora of games, we have developed a casino platform called Casino Controller™ whose unique features include a state of the art back-end, hundreds of pages of reporting and customisable functionality. Most importantly, it gives you instant access to real-time reports at your fingertips (which can also be gained via your iPhone or any other PDA). This powerful, flexible and easy to use back end allows you to instantly access critical information while drastically reducing security and fraud risks.

One of the most unique features of Casino Controller™ is our ClassAct™ system. This trade-marked automation tool allows you to set up rules which ever way you require to which ever player you wish to target, thus saving you the time it would take to do the same work manually. Both our aesthetically pleasing front-end and robust back-end have become industry benchmarks.

We also offer a full turnkey licensing solution where everything required to successfully operate a casino is at your disposal. Complete hardware solution to player friendly front end lobbies are supplied, allowing your team the time to focus on marketing, player acquisition and retention. Everything you could ever need can be set up and ready to go within a month.


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