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Douglas Roos Interview

Exclusive interview with Douglas Roos at Frank and Fred for

Congratulations on joining Frank & Fred casino as one of the Founding Investors! Please, tell us more about the casino. Why is Frank & Fred better than the crowd?

Well, Frank & Fred is built on two fictional however fantastic twins from New York – an epic duo who wants you to join them in their casino heaven. Winning or losing, it doesn’t matter. All gamblers are invited and being treated as royalty. A sweet welcome package starts the player’s ascent up the VIP ladder where increased levels mean dropping wagering requirements, more free tickets to weekly & monthly lotteries and many other perks.


You are a serial entrepreneur. What excites you about the gambling industry?

Mr. Douglas Roos
Serial Entrepreneur
Founder of Frank and Fred Casino

When I first entered the gambling industry in the late 1990s, it was an industry full of cowboys and opportunists. Since then the industry has developed in an extremely impressive way. When we sold Ladbrokes Nordic in 2007, I left the industry but have, since a couple of years back, been interested in making a come back. And what I see now is fantastic. This really young industry is now more diverse and has developed into something very professional with a serious interest in providing and safe products. This is something I very much appreciate about this industry: we are always interested in developing, always keen to be better and to improve our products and ourselves.


What is your focus and what are your plans and goals at Frank & Fred casino that you can share with our audience?

Frank & Fred is going to be my No.1 focus for a long time. You are not going to see us releasing more casino brands and split our time, resources or energy for quick gains. We are looking forward to implementing new features such as login via bank ID, add more payment methods and languages to the site as well as expanding into new markets. By becoming bigger, we can also look forward to increased prize pools and give more back to our winning players. And, furthermore, I am now so old 🙂 so I know what it means to do something really thoroughly. I have time, I have the stamina, and I am looking forward to take on the competition.


Why Frank & Fred will become the leader in the industry?

It’s a solid brand on every level with a great team and investors behind it. And that is my experience, what everything boils down to is the people. If you have the right people with you, then anything can be accomplished.
What is your special value to the players?
The welcome offer attracts all types of gamblers with something sweet included for everyone to try and experience the product. The VIP club makes them want to stay by continuously improving player terms just from playing. Last but not least, the Frank & Fred monthly lottery has already awarded some lucky winners with mind-blowing and memorable prizes such as; fly a real fighter jet experience, a deep sea adventure in a submarine, and free spins for a full year (worth €5000).


How many employees do you currently have at Frank & Fred?

Depends on how you count. In my office, we are 8 in total, but then there is tech and all our epic support and VIP agents who work incredibly hard to make things as great as they are. But in all honesty, everyone who signed up to Frank & Fred is an ambassador for the brand and so should you: Join the club!

As someone deeply involved in the gambling industry, what advice can you give to employees in the industry when it comes to career growth? Be data driven and work your ass off. This knowledge will take you to where you want to be. There are no shortcuts: hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. Think differently. If everyone is running to the right, maybe you then should check out the left?


What would you define as the major gambling trends in 2018?

Purple! As simple as that.


What are the biggest challenges in the industry?

The competition. It is difficult and expensive with a huge risk of failing. It requires a “go big or go home” attitude. Marketing and affiliate expenses are huge and do not many times leave much.
Are you concerned about the regulatory environment in the gambling industry?
No, I am not. I have welcomed this since the late 90s. As long as the regulation is providing a level playing field, then I welcome it. Let the best man win!


How are gamification and Artificial Intelligence [AI] affecting the gaming industry?

A whole lot. We have built in a lot of gamification in our loyalty programme. That is where everyone is going today. As to AI, it is probably the most topical issue in the industry today. If one can get AI straight, then so much is won.


Is the gaming industry growing?

That is a tricky one. Yes, on a global basis it is, but on certain individual markets, it is not. There are some untouched parts of the world still, and we are looking forward to approaching them. But that takes time and costs a lot of money. Thus my saying above that we have time and stamina.


Is there any specific segment in the industry that you can identify as the next game changer?

I believe eSports will double every year until it’s the biggest sports segment in the world. We are already invested and into eSports for many years through our site (the biggest eSports community in Scandinavia) and are planning on releasing a completely dedicated betting brand for this audience. It can’t be listed as a subsection to “regular betting” it should be the main attraction, just like computer games are for the young generation.


What is the future of the gambling industry?

Well, I would say it is what we speak about above: regulation and eSports!