New Complete Guide to Gambling Book by John Scarne – Book Review and Overall Impression


New Complete Guide to Gambling

The world still recognizes the legendary John Scarne as the most authoritative expert on gambling who ever lived. Author of dozens of books On the subject Scarne Collected and distilled everything he knew in this, the most comprehensive book on gambling ever written.

Since its publication in 1961 and subsequent new editions, Scarne's New Complete Guide to Gambling has been far and away the best-selling book of its kind. As gambling consultant to several governments and many of the world's top casinos, Scarne knew the world of gambling from the inside out, with access to many of the most powerful figures and innermost secrets of gambling's fascinating and complicated world.

He spices the volumes of gambling advice and inside tips contained here with many of the stories and personalities he knew in his fabulously successful life as a gambling expert, advocate and writer.

Every aspect of gambling at games of chance and skill is covered here: official rules; correct adds and house percentages; advice and instruction on playing strategy; explanations of swindling methods and how to detect them. And every game and sporting event involving betting of any kind is reviewed, explained, analyzed. More than 100 million Americans gamble at one time or another during any given year. Now, more than ever, this is the one book they'll need to become consistent winners in their chosen game.


Famous quotes by John Scarne:


“The gambling supply house catalog is distinctly not the safest place to learn about cheating devices, beware of catalog men.”


“My last piece of advice to the degenerate slot player who thinks he can beat the one-armed bandit consists of four little words: It can't be done.”


“Rummy is played by more people in more ways than any other game.”



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