PrivateVPN Review

PrivateVPN, a Swedish-based VPN provider, offers the highest levels of security and privacy, stable connections from anywhere in the world and uninterrupted VPN service — 24 hours a day — guaranteed. 

In addition to first-rate service, PrivateVPN boasts of customer support that is second to none. They assist their customers through live chat, email and remote desktop help through PrivateVPN TeamViewer system.

PrivateVPN provides an encrypted tunnel between your device and the Internet, offering you strong encryption that protects your data, personal information and communications from hackers and thieves. Except the highest level of security — whether you’re connected at home or on public Wi-Fi you will be able to hide your IP address and location, giving you complete anonymity and online privacy from marketers, search engines and government surveillance.


PrivateVPN isn’t just a network of VPNs, but of real people. With their VPNs you’re protected by military-grade 2048-bit encryption, the most secure, rapid connection of its kind. This means you can stream HD video, surf the web and download content at lightning speeds, often faster than non-VPN connections.


PrivateVPN Key Points:


  • The fastest speeds and unlimited bandwidth so you can stream videos without delay;
  • Freedom from monitoring and logging; your personal details are never shared with anyone;
  • Compatibility with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux;
  • The ability to bypass censorship and access your favorite content — from anywhere in the world — without restrictions;
  • Ease of installation and use; no tech skills required — user friendly interface;
  • A variety of VPN protocols to meet your specific needs;
  • Unlock geo-restricted media;
  • Military-grade encryption shields you from governments and hackers;
  • Max speeds for easy browsing;



PrivateVPN Features



PrivateVPN, one of the fastest VPN service providers, designed its global network to offer their users the fastest VPN speeds possible. Whether you’re in North America, Europe or Asia, they strive to provide ultra high-speed server connections — with lower latency and higher speeds — for all your devices. Everyone wants a fast Internet connection so they can enjoy downloading, uploading and streaming at speeds never before thought possible.



What are VPN protocols? Simply put, protocols provide a way for your device to connect to a VPN server. PrivateVPN supports a number of protocols. If you use a VPN app, set it to automatically select the VPN protocol that best suits your network. If you are not using an app or you don’t like the connection, then try the following protocols in this order:

  • OpenVPN with UDP/TCP
    OpenVPN is your first choice. OpenVPN permits various kinds of authentication methods and utilizes a secure SSL/TLS protocol for key exchange. OpenVPN provides faster access speeds than L2TP, but it is not supported on all devices.
  • OpenVPN over TCP, or Transmission Control Protocol, is the most reliable VPN connection type. Using error correction, this connection prevents website failure and incomplete downloads by automatically retransmitting information packets during data transfer.
  • OpenVPN over UDP, or User Datagram Protocol, is usually faster than TCP because it lacks the error correction feature. Web technologies that depend on real-time interaction, such as online gaming, work better without the interruptions caused by data retransmission.
  • L2TP/IPsec
    When used in combination, L2TP and IPsec offer greater security than PPTP, but these protocols are slower than OpenVPN and can be blocked by firewalls on occasion.
  • L2TP, or Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol, was developed as an upgrade to L2F (Layer 2 Forwarding Protocol) and PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol). By itself, L2TP does not offer very strong authentication or encryption, which is why it is used together with the IPsec protocol. L2TP is ideal for use with mobile devices that are not compatible with OpenVPN.
  • IPsec, or Internet Protocol security, authenticates and encrypts each IP information packet in a communication, offering a high level of end-to-end security. IPsec offers protection for all application traffic over an IP network and is available for most mobile devices.
  • PPTP, or Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, one of the oldest protocols used today, works well with dated operating systems and mobile devices. This protocol is easy to set up and offers fast speeds. Because PPTP is susceptible to some security issues, it is recommended only for low-risk browsing, such as streaming video or audio.
  • IKEv2, or Internet Key Exchange version 2, is available on newer mobile devices. Internet Key Exchange is a more secure version of the IPsec protocol. This VPN security protocol executes mutual authentication between two parties, allowing your devices to switch seamlessly between cell and Wi-Fi networks without interrupting the connection.



PrivateVPN keeps your IP address, your location, your Internet activity and your personal communication private to protect your identity. No one can monitor your online activity or gain access to your data and personal information. PrivateVPN provides great security tools to maximize their users’ privacy. All PrivateVPN servers utilize military-grade AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-bit encryption code with 2048-bit DH key to ensure that your Internet connection is always secured — and we do this without slowing your speed or interrupting your connection.


Unblocked Websites

Why are you unable to access certain websites at certain times or from certain locations? Some workplaces restrict network access to employees to minimize distractions. Schools often block access to keep potentially questionable material from students. Some countries completely ban sites they deem politically sensitive, and they monitor your online activity as well. Is there anything you can do about this? Yes! PrivateVPN, the best VPN to unblock websites, offers access to all sites, no matter what your location. Servers use your IP address to determine your approximate location, giving you (or denying you) access to some websites. So how do you avoid censorship filters? VPN offers an alternate route around content filters by allowing you to choose any remote server from the provider’s network. Your real IP address is hidden so you can bypass content restrictions — and remain anonymous at the same time.



PrivateVPN offers intuitive, user-friendly VPN apps for various computer and cell phone systems. PrivateVPN is compatible with all commonly used operating systems. Simply download and run the VPN application from the appropriate links: 


PrivateVPN Servers

PrivateVPN service is available in many countries, including the UK, USA and Canada. With 80+ servers locations in 59 countries, you can enjoy the privacy and protection offered by PrivateVPN whenever you’re online — whether at home or traveling the world.


You can connect through any of PrivateVPN locations, and you can change your server location at any time. Please note that there are restrictions in some countries, such as China, where you can connect only through L2TP VPN, as their firewall blocks other ways to access PrivateVPN service.


PrivateVPN Subscription Plans and Exclusive Deals

PrivateVPN plans are protected by a 100% money-back guarantee. Simply sign up in 3 easy steps and test out your VPN for 30 days risk-free. All plans include all PrivateVPN apps, 24/7 customer support, and high-speed unlimited bandwidth.

v accepts all major payment methods like : Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and etc.), PayPal and Bitcoin.


PrivateVPN Support

PrivateVPN offers free support for their users. Click on the Getting Started or FAQ links below and you’ll be directed to the information you need, whether you’re looking for advice about VPN installation, troubleshooting or your PrivateVPN account. If you don’t find what you’re seeking or you require more personal assistance you can contact them through Live Chat.


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